Walk Across America

On may 22nd of 2014 I began walking from Seattle, and on December 5th of 2014 I finished walking in New York City after giving out more than $6000 to kind and generous people across America. It was a quest to show the best of people. To prove that there are people who just want to help, and that there are a lot of them. They showed up in force, and when we finished sharing a meal together, or they waved goodbye after handing me some food, I got to give them a $100 bill. One of the points was to say that those are the types of people that I want to have money in the world.

The $6400 raised was from my friends, and then their friends, and then people I didn’t even know started to chip in. It was a journey where I learned the power of kindness. It was a journey where I was able to honor the people in my life who gave me kindness.

At any rate, it’s a bit of an epic, and I have over four hours or so of recorded audio from the trip. If I met you on that journey, thank you. If you donated to make it possible, thank you. It’s the most surreal experience I’ve ever had the pleasure to live.

If you want to meet some incredible people, click the link to learn more about them.