M4TH, or Monologues 4 the Homeless, is a performance arts project designed to highlight the humanity of those experiencing homelessness. It uses monologues written by people across the country to show and explain what it’s like having your existence ignored. Or worse, what it’s like when your existence is condemned.

These monologues will be performed on street corners across Chicago to bring awareness, but they’ll be doing something even more important. The monologues will also be used to direct people to an online donation site where they can actually support someone experiencing homelessness. I’ll be working with a social worker to help turn their donations into a new life for someone. Combining art, with a remarkable aspect of humanitarianism is something I think our country desperately needs more of.

This project has truly been a challenge, and that’s how I know we’re onto something incredible. It’s been something I’ve been working on for awhile now, but I’m getting much closer. For more information I’ve attached a link to the actual crowdfunder. Be on the lookout for new updates in the next few months.