Thanks for visiting my site! I’m an actor based out of Chicago. Originally I’m from Idaho, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance. I love what I do, because I enjoy helping others. Encouraging audiences to feel, think, or take action through my art has become my passion. Showing people themselves on stage, or what they fear, or what they know and love is an absolute honor.

If you’re here because you’re considering casting me in your project, thank you for your consideration. Be sure to check out my Resume and Production Photos pages. If you have more questions or would like to work with me, please reach out to me through the Contact page. Happy casting!

I’ve also been working on a project called Monologues 4 The Homeless, or M4TH. Essentially it’s a project where I’ve commissioned monologues from writers across the country. Teaming up with their words, I will be performing their pieces on street corners. I’ll be sponsoring someone experiencing homelessness and will be using the monologues to help raise funds which will be used to help our person off of the streets. Check out the M4TH tab to learn more about this challenging and rewarding project.

Lastly, you may have met me or talked with me when I walked across America rewarding kindness and generosity with $100 bills along the way. Or perhaps you were following my adventure, or this may even be the first you’ve heard of something like this. Learn more about the journey by checking out the¬†Walk Across America¬†portion of this site.